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Internship Projects

Starting date: 1 September 2024

International Internship Program

Swisscom, as the number one telecom provider in Switzerland, is always keen on attracting and developing the best talents. We believe that these future professionals help to shape our world and they way we do our business. As an ICT provider that offers many different products to our highly diversified customer base, IT is key to serve our B2C and B2B customers. Are you a curious and ambitious IT student who is enrolled in the last year of studies at a Dutch MBO, HBO or University? Then have a look at our open positions for our International Internships Program.

About the Internship

Our internship program runs twice a year, starting either on February 1st or September 1st. In this 60% to 100% internship (Min. duration 6 months to max. 12 months) in the Netherlands, you work in an international team with colleagues from Switzerland, Rotterdam, and Riga. You work with Scrum and Scale Agile Framework (Safe). You are passionate to think creatively, work in a team, and learning is an essential part of you.

Internship Projects (Click project to view details)

This internship provides you the opportunity to work on one of the following projects for which you can find some more information below. Please indicate in your application your preferred project. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to your preferred project. We therefore reserve the right to assign you to another project, if your first choice is already filled.

Next internship will be starting in September 2024 and the new projects are:

Are you considering to do an internship with us or just curious to learn more about our DevOps Center in Rotterdam? Then register now for the Student Open Day on May 15th starting at 16:00 hours! During the open day you will receive an introduction to Swisscom, get to see our amazing office and get to know our community. It is a great opportunity to get a first glance of office life at Rotterdam DevOps Center. You can register here.

Who are you?

  • You are a student enrolled in the last year of your HBO or University program in the field of Computer Science, Informatica, or any other similar field.

  • You are willing to contribute to an international team and you have an agile mindset.

  • You are curious and responsible.

  • You have a good level of English; any other language is a plus.


  • Monthly compensation

  • IT Equipment

  • Agile working environment and lean management instructor

  • Flexible working time model

  • Plenty of opportunities for training and personal development

  • International Environment

  • Holidays & time off


1. Increase and improve automated testing for esBill: We want to bring our testing environment to the next level. This means, that you are going to integrate our enterprise billing application in the new Cloud Native Billing Integration Test Environment (BITE). BITE contains two environments, one will be part of CD/CI pipeline and the other one is an on demand solution based on Kubernetes. Your part is to finish the integration of esBill and automate our top 10 test scenarios. You are going to be an important part of our DevOps team, which means that you are also going to work on product features in the esBill environment.

Must haves:

CI/CD, Kubernetes, Java

Nice to have: DB, Grafana, Docker, Kafka, AWS

2. Niantic Modron Evaluation for Cloud Security Compliance: At Swisscom we're all about data and how do we make sure we protect the data so that it meets legal regulations. With our move to the cloud there's a stronger push to offer solutions that can alert Software Engineers or DevOps that something isn't right and should be corrected. While Swisscom has no shortage of tools that offer CSPM or CNAPP, we would like to offer a basic service for customers internal but especially external. Thus, we would like to test Niantic's open-source solution, Modron, with AWS, Azure and also possibly internal K8s clusters.

Must haves: Kubernetes, AWS, Go/Golan

Nice to have: Docker, Git, JavaScript

3. SRE Basics: SLIs & SLOs for compliance Apps: At Swisscom we're all about data, and the how and who has access to the data. Our approach to make sure the data meets the Security & Compliance standards internally is to use a combination of 1st party, internally developed tools, and 3rd party, vendor provided, tools, that often times have some satellite projects around them.

Must haves: Grafana, Python, SRE Principles

Nice to have: Docker, Kubernetes, JavaScript, Networking SMT

4. Enable performance/load test on top of CRM Micro Services: The Swisscom Main CRM System expose different micro services which are crucial in the e2e customer journey. Goal will be to define, setup and pipeline and establish the execution of load and performance test on top of this interface.

Must haves: Java, CI/CD, NO

Nice to have: Grafana

5. Parties Partners API re-design: The parties partner API is an important service that allows external business partners to record in the Swisscom CRM (Symphony) which products a particular Swisscom customer consumes at the external partner. This information is very important since many business processes depend on the information what product a Swisscom business customer uses. Currently the parties partners API is on legacy technology. The code in in JS on Apigee and the CI/CD framework is outdated. The project involves a complete redesign of the service by using the new comprehensive software framework “the Frame”. The coding is to be done in Java SpringBoot.

Must haves: Java, CI/CD, Git, NO

Nice to have: JavaScript, SpringBoot, Splunk, NO


DevOps Engineer with focus on Kubernetes: We are monitoring VNFs(virtual network functions) that are running in the cloud. The number of devices and the number of interfaces to monitor are constantly increasing. We would like to bring our platform to the next level in terms of scalability, rolling updates and usability. Therefore we are planning to start with a test-setup on Kubernetes. We will get Kubernetes as a service platform in our Swisscom internal cloud. Docker will be used as runtime.The monitoring is mainly done with SNMP and ICMP Ping.As a DevOps Engineers, you would contribute to architecture, implement and lately operate the solution on Kubernetes. As we are in a green field, we expect to have a lot of fun and to learn many new things.

Must haves: Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD

Nice to have: Grafana, Git, Kafka


Selfcare Portal for our Real-Time Charging System: You will develop a frontend (based on a JavaScript framework) that allows us to perform selfcare for our Real-Time Charging System. Within this project you are going to work together with our backend developers. You will be a member of our DevOps team that is spread over locations in Rotterdam, Berne & Lucerne. We work agile with short development cycles. You will get direct feedback by our users. UI/UX in Swisscom style as described here.

Must haves: JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Nice to have: SpringBoot, Java, UX/UI


1. Fullstack Developer in AWS: Swisscom is undergoing a massive migration of applications to the public AWS cloud. This migration has been spread in all departments of Swisscom. For that reason, we offer a Cloud Transformation Tool in a selfservice mode to everyone in order to inventorize the applications and metadata about them which are going to be migrated to iAWS. This tool has been self-developed and is under active development, adding new features as the internal needs are rising. The tool consists of frontend (typescript), backend (golang) and a database (Jira Insight) and is being itself deployed in iAWS EKS. The job encompasses the work on all parts of the application, including using the standard set of tools to perform DevOps lifecycle of the application (git, gitlab, sonarqube, snyk...).

Must haves: TypeScript, Docker, Git, Golang

Nice to have: Kubernetes, AWS

2. Fullstack Development of Swisscom Products Ordering Platform: You are about to enter the dynamic and rapidly expanding realm of the Digital Omni-Channel Platform (DOCP). You will gain practical expertise with cutting-edge technology as you design, develop, and test the applications that our customers, shop employees, and call center agents use on a regular basis. Working in DevOps mode, you will be a member of an Agile team that is multicultural and distributed. We will also allow you access to the range of new platforms, such as ElasticPath (an e-commerce tool).

Must haves: SpringBoot, Java, TypeScript

Nice to have: HTML, Angular, Git, Splunk, CI/CD

3. Microservice for Site Reliability Engineering and Automation of Processes: Our project is part of the Swisscom SRE transformation. Within the Mission 100 tribe, aiming to bring high application reliability we are developing a tool to bring transparency on the state of every app at Swisscom. Our Microservices aim to automatize data aggregation to show user where there stand in there reliability, security and performance journey helping teams to take strategic decisions. Currently migrating our application to AWS cloud service the intern will have to develop features using CI/CD processes, leveraging tools like Kubernetes through Argocd and Argorollout to insure smooth deployment and availability. On the internship period the Zero touch Production automation feature will be the main goal as well as an empathize on DevSecOps practices implementation for our product. This position will require of broad vision on DevSecOps practices and tools used at Swisscom and how to integrate them to our product.

Must haves: SpringBoot, Angular, Kubertnetes

Nice to have: Docker, CI/CD, AWS, Git, Grafana

4. Cloud-Native Angular Application Development for Scrum Poker on iAWS (TDE Platform): This project involves the development of a Scrum Poker application utilizing Angular, designed to be cloud-native and optimized for Swisscom's iAWS platform, leveraging the Technology Development Environment (TDE) for AWS technologies. The application aims to support agile development teams by enabling efficient and real-time estimation sessions. Adhering to cloud-native development principles, the project ensures scalability, resilience, and seamless deployment within the Swisscom cloud ecosystem, aligning with our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Must haves: Python/Java, Kubernetes, Angular/React

Nice to have: EKS, CI/CD, AWS, Git, Grafana, Tempo, Loki, GitLab


SDWAN Development and Testing: This project is about developing an SDWAN service targeted for enterprise customers. Instead of managing the configuration of the network devices via CLI, the configuration is orchestrated using API's. The team works in an agile working methodology and is distributed across many places.

Must haves: CI/CD, Python, IP Routing & Switching & Automation skills (Programming)

Nice to have: UX/UI, Web application development